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Watermelon Splash Jewelry Bath Bombs

$ 16.95

Our Watermelon Splace Jewelry Bath Bomb scent is that of the bright & mouth-watering scent of a freshly sliced watermelon! This scent will take you to a nice warm bath on a cool summer day in your bath tub!

Additional Information


  •  All Natural

  •  Handmade in America

  •  Cruelty Free ingredients

  •  Never Tested on Animals

  •  100% Vegan

  •  Ethically Sourced

  •  Free of Synthetic Dyes

  •  Paraben Free

  •  SLS Free


How it Works

Fill your tub with warm water, unwrap your Jewelry Bath Bomb and drop it in for a wonderfully relaxing bath experience. Once the bath bomb is finished fizzing, you’ll discover a beautiful surprise!

Our amazing Jewelry Bath Bombs actually come with a piece of jewelry inside every Jewelry Bath Bomb!

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