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Mommy To Be - Greeting Candles

$ 24.95

This is the perfect gift for your friend, sister, mom or loved one that is a mommy to be! An expectant mom is excited, stressed, uncomfortable and going through a lot, so why not spoil her with something to help her relax and bring down her stress levels before the big moment! Our "Mommy To Be" Jewelry Greeting Candle is sure to bring a big smile to her face as she relaxes and watches the flames burn down and awaits her hidden jewel :)

Be sure to select the scent that you want to go with this theme with the selection scent button above and you'll get this lovely greeting cards jewelry candle with the scent of your choice! 3 gifts in one! A jewel, a candle and a greeting card!

Each Greeting Candle comes with a hidden jewel within it that has a value from $10 to $7500!

You could get a ring, bracelet, anklet, pendant or necklace inside your Jewelry Candles!

What will you find in your Jewelry Candle ?!

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