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Jewelry Tart Warmer - Cream Lattice

$ 24.95

Our Cream Lattice Jewelry Tart Warmer gives off the most amazing & subtle light pattern; it's absolutely beautiful.. and so relaxing! This neutral cream-colored reactive glazed warmer has a lattice pattern with diamond cut-outs to let the light show throughA soft halogen bulb creates a warm glow and melts your favorite scented wax. Has a removable dish and includes a warming bulb. 

  • Our decorative wickless candle warmers use a safe 25 watt light bulb to melt highly fragrant wax cubes. 
  • Each warmer is approximately 6.5 inches tall by 5 inches wide (exact dimensions may vary slightly). 
  • Warmers use a standard 120 volt wall outlet as their power source. 
  • On/off switch built onto the power cord for safety and convenience. 
  • The wax melting tray is removable, making it easy to change fragrances and aids in simple clean up.

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