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Scented 6 Pack ~ Dozen Wax Dipped Roses

$ 199.95

*Shipping on these is $15.99. Thank you!*

These are for 6 dozen of our new wax dipped roses!

These are truly perfect for any special occasion!

These will look great with your home decor and make your home smell amazing!

Remember, the scent lasts up to 6 months and all our wax dipped roses are coated with fresh cut roses scent!

Facts about our amazing wax dipped roses!

The scent can last up to 6 months and longer!

The buds are hard carved wooden buds!

The stems are 14 inches. The buds are 1.5 inches.

Each dozen is decorated meticulously with artificial baby's breath to really bring out the color of the bouquet.

Each dozen comes with a hidden jewel with a value from $10 to $7500! You never know what you are going to get!

Each dozen is shipped to you, your customer or your friend in an elegant black box.

They never die so they will look great 5 years from now not just for a few days and then poof they are gone!

They make amazing decorations for your home , apartment or office because they are stunning and smell just amazing.

The buds are triple scented in fresh cut rose scent so the roses truly smell amazing!

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